Monday, January 21, 2008

Hip Hop

Reflecting on this day where we celebrate the life of a great man Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I think that in a lot of ways we have achieved his dream but there is still along ways to go. I see his dream achieved in the Hip Hop Culture. Although there are alot of issues right now with Hip Hop and the way it is preceived, what other culture can say that it has brought races of all kind together for the common good. Hip Hop has changed the world!!! Starting from a humble beginnings in New York Hip Hop has now become a global phenomenon! Because of Hip Hop I have been able to connect with people all over the States with hope of continuing to connect with people all over the world. Because of Hip Hop I learned that it is okay to listen to and appreciate other forms of music, other forms of art, to respect other peoples backgrounds. Now closing in on the age of 35 and having my own kids, I am beginning to understand why this dream is so important to continue to strive for. I know in my lifetime I have seen both the good and the bad side of humanity, but I could always turn to my hip hop culture for the answer I needed. I have learned a lot through this culture and hope that I will be able to give to the culture and to my chlidren and other children out there in need of support. Hip Hop speaks to each of us in a different way, but it speaks to all of us. It may speak to you as a dj, an emcee, a bboy/bgirl, or a writer now it's up to you to determine what you are gonna do with the message. Not just the message that the Hip Hop culture is sending to you or our kids, but the message that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave to all of us over 40 years ago. Are we there yet? NO!!! Have we made progress? YES!!! Do we still has a long ways to go? YES!!! But, we have all witnessed the evolution of a culture (Hip Hop) that has progressed faster than any other in delivering Dr. Kings message.

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